Eutuxia Water Flutes with Waterproof Music Sheets & Holder. Fun bath flute Musical Instrument Bath Toy for Babies, Kids & Children. Play Bathtub & Swimming Pool. Adjustable Sound

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  • Water flutes are a great way to enjoy a fun bath time for your little ones. No more dealing with crying bath sessions. Children can play musical notes by filling it up with different amounts of water in each flute. Let their inner creativity and musical talent shine while playing in the water.
  • Bath toy bundle includes 5 water flutes, water flute foam holder, and waterproof music sheets for them to enjoy. Watch your little ones as they enjoy playing symphony in the comfort of your own bathtub.
  • Setting up the water flutes are fairly simple. Simply follow the included instructions and it will only take a few minutes. Open the bottom lid and fill it with water accordingly, depending on which note you would like it to play.
  • The water flutes are made from premium quality plastic that is safe for your little ones to use as it is BPA free. The holder is made from foam and helps the flutes to float in the water so you don't need to worry about it sinking. The music sheets are waterproof and can be used in water without any problems.
  • The water flutes are 7.48 x 5.9 inches and are lightweight. Enjoy the colorful water flutes with the color coded music sheets. Kids can learn and play music while enjoying their bath sessions. How convenient!