RED SHIELD Universal Battery Tester and Charger Bundle. Check, Test, and Recharge 9V, AA, AAA, Ni-MH, Ni-CD & Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries. Adjustable Slider with Gauge Display. Worldwide Compatible.

  • $ 11.99
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  • BATTERY BUNDLE: The bundle includes a battery tester and battery charger. The gauge display will show you how much juice is left in your rechargeable battery so that you can recharge it accordingly with the included universal battery charger. Battery tester can also check the remaining level of non-rechargeable batteries.
  • TEST & RECHARGE: Our battery tester can test multiple sizes of batteries in one unit. It can check for AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, and 1.5V button cell batteries. It will also work with rechargeable batteries. The adjustable slider accommodates the battery to make it compatible with most batteries as long as it fits within the adjustable slider.
  • UNIVERSAL: Our battery charger is universally compatible with its worldwide voltage (100~240V). Please note that separate plug adapter (not included) is needed to be used in different countries.
  • COLORED GUAGES: Gauge is easy to understand and it will help you easily determine whether to recharge the battery or not. When it’s in the RED zone, it's time to recharge battery. When it’s YELLOW, the battery juice is low and should be recharged soon. When it’s GREEN, the battery has a lot of juice left.
  • LED STATUS LIGHTS: Blue LED status lights show when your batteries are charging. The blue LED lights will turn off when it's fully charged. You can easily check the charging status from far away with its bright LED lights.