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Eutuxia Infant / Toddler / Child Grooming Solutions Safety Rotary Rotating Baby Nail Clippers **Tested & Patented** with Super Soft Microfiber Cloth

$ 24.99

The Eutuxia rotary nail clippers are designed specifically for tiny infant and baby nails. Smaller than an average adult nail clipper, but still large enough to comfortably fit in an adult's hand, these nail clippers feature a revolutionary 180 degree rotating nail clipper head that allows for easy and comfortable grooming regardless of hand and finger position. While clipping babies' nails may be a daunting tasks for many, the Eutuxia nail clippers give every parent and guardian peace of mind with its safety nail opening and finger saddle that not only properly places the baby's finger, but also prevents excess cutting that may lead to accidental cuts on baby fingers. The nail clippers are made from tough, polycarbonate plastic with a subtle texture for increased grip and stainless steel clippers that stay clean and sanitary. These clippers also feature a nail catcher to collect nail clippings for later disposal. For extra cleaning, just run under water to remove any residue. These clippers are a must for any parent, expecting parent, or childcare worker!

  • Rotary nail clippers specifically designed for baby and infant grooming.
  • Design based on the nail shapes of 2,000 babies' hands.
  • Easy-to-use push to cut nail clippers with precision nail opening to cut only nails without accidentally damaging baby fingers and skin.
  • Smooth protruding finger saddle properly guides baby finger to appropriate position for grooming.
  • 180 degree rotation conforms to any finger/hand position: cut even the most finicky baby's nails with ease!

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