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Hand Toe Pocket Body Warmers, Eutuxia® Disposable Self Heating Hand / Toe / Pocket / Variety Warmers- Just open and it heats in seconds - Perfect for winter sports and cold days

$ 21.99

Overview: If you are looking to keep your hands, toes, and body toasty, this is the product for you! Eutuxia Warmers are standard equipment for skiers, snowboarders, hunters, campers, hikers, or anyone who enjoys outdoor activities when the weather is cold. Just open the package and within minutes you'll enjoy hours of warmth. It's dry, clean, odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable. How to use: Simply open the package, shake to activate, and the warmer heats up in seconds Suitable For: - Outdoor Activities - Snowboarding & Skiing - Hiking/ Trekking - Hunting /Fishing - Cyclists / Motorcylists - Tailgating at events - Working in the yard - Jogging or taking the pet for a walk - Shopping or commuting to work - Camping - Traveling - Golf

  • Long-lasting Heat: Pocket/Hand/Toe warmer provides up to 20/8/6 hours of warmth respectively. Unused time portion of Pocket Warmers can be resealed in air-tight bag and reused.
  • Quick & Easy to Use: Just open, shake, and the warmer heats up in seconds! Even children can activate this warmer easily.
  • Place warmer into your pockets, gloves, mittens, or other desired locations to keep warm for HOURS!
  • Natural Heat: This item is designed with safety in mind! It is created with odorless non-toxic natural ingredients.
  • Great tool for emergencies, cold outdoor activities, winter sports, snowy and rainy days, traveling, and for students/children/elderly.

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